My Mom the Superhero – Which is Most Like Your Mom?

SupermomIt’s a bird. It’s a plane.

No wait! It’s just Supermom.

Moms wear many different hats. They’re gourmet chefs. They’re storytellers. They’re confidantes. They’re EMTs when it comes to toys and tumbles. And if you look close enough, you may even be able to see their “Supermom” emblem through their clothes.

Think outside the box this Mother’s Day for the perfect present. It’s time to show your mom how much she means to you. Forget flowers and jewelry. No gift will put a smile on her face more than her very own superhero costume.

If you’re not ready to splurge on a personalized uniform for your personal superhero, there are plenty of worthy women superheroes to choose from. Female heroines aren’t a new concept. Picking the perfect alter-ego for your mom has never been easier. All you need to do is take a look at each description and compare it with your mom’s personality.

Wonder Woman Costume1. Wonder Woman

This DC Comics superhero stands for truth, honesty and gender equality. She is the perfect symbol for moms who are both a full-time parent and a working woman. She juggles her responsibilities with grace and is sure to always spread the peace and love between those she encounters day-to-day. She’s compassionate and loves unconditionally. This strong woman is the protector of her people and she stops at nothing to keep them safe.


Batgirl Costume2. Batgirl

Although she was once Batman’s sidekick, this heroine was great at solving mysteries solo. She is the most caring of superheroes. She even shows compassion for her enemies. Batgirl is skeptical when she meets new people because she doesn’t want them to hurt her or the people she loves. But she’s just as much forgiving as she is stern and hard. No matter what, she puts the people of Gotham first in order to serve and protect as this female vigilante.


Spider-Girl Costume

3. Spider-Girl

Remember Spider-Man’s spidey senses? Spider-Girl’s are even better. No wonder your mom can tell when you’re up to no good! She’s also got speed, strength and agility that help her save the day. Her ability to stick to things also allows her to repel from objects as well. She can send her enemies flying but she can also pull the ones she loves closer. Either way, you’re stuck with her!


Supergirl Costume

4. Supergirl

Is there anything Supergirl can’t do? Although she’s just an average Kryptonian, here on Earth, she’s got all the strength, agility and speed to save the day over and over again. Her stamina is unmatched so it’s no surprise that she can keep going and going. Nothing gets past her enhanced vision (no matter how hard you try to hide it)! But even this invulnerable girl has her weakness. Just like her cousin, Superman, Supergirl crumbles in the presence of green Krypotnite.

She-Ra5. She-Ra

She-Ra is the Princess of Power who reigns over Etheria and heads the Great Rebellion. She’s fast and strong. Her physical strengths pale in comparison to her mental ones. She’d rather use her brain than her brawn to defeat her enemies. She’s compassionate and can mentally connect with the beings around her. Her smarts and wit make any task a breeze. She-Ra is also undeniably loyal to her twin, He-Man and to the Rebels, fighting alongside them in their battle for freedom.

Do any of these heroic ladies remind you of your mom? Make sure you let your mom know how much you appreciate all that she does for you. And what better way than making her a superhero!

Which superhero is your supermom most like? They don’t even have to be on the list because there are too many awesome female superheroes to choose from. We’d love to hear about all the amazing moms around the world, so please share your supermom story with us!