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Check out these Funny Epitaphs and Humorous Headstones for Computer Geeks

Many years ago, computer hackers disabled the Associated Press web site, leaving behind various nicknames, such as Benny Hill and Punisher, as their only trace. Clearly, a new era of computer crime has spawned a special breed of anonymous criminal. And I'll bet a few of them won't be able to resist tagging themselves with modified monikers. Witness our top 10 AKA's for high-tech outlaws:

  1. Son of SIMM - His random acts of murder (RAM) are some of the most shocking in recent memory. Hates his motherboard.
  2. Billy the CAD - Fastest drawing program in the West.
  3. Pretty eBay Floyd - Modern-day Robin Hood auctions faux antiques to the rich and donates the spoils to failing dot-coms.
  4. Bugsy C++-gul - A good coder gone bad.
  5. Ted Bondi Blue - Set out to write a virus to attack Power Macs and iMacs but switched to PCs when he discovered VBScript.
  6. James URL Ray - Assassinated the leader of the 32-bit color coalition.
  7. Hack the Ripper - Brutally rips MP3s and burns them to CDs. Displays total disregard for copyright laws.
  8. SCSI Borden - Gave her mother 40 Macs.
  9. John Dellinger - Escaped from prison brandishing a Latitude carved from soap.
  10. John WAN Gacy - Your child's worst nightmare: A network administrator, a basement, and a clown suit.
  11. User Reset by Peer - A little inside joke for you IRC users ;-)

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