Funny Names for Epitaphs and Tombstones

Funny Epitaphs

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Check out these Funny Names Epitaphs, Tombstones, Headstones and Gravestones

Al B. Rightback Al Dente Alex Blaine Laider Anna Rexick (on a skinny tombstone, too much?)
Anita Infusion Anita Moore-Tishan or Anita Mortician Anita Transfusion Asher T. Ashers
B.A. Ghoul Barry D'Alyve Barry M. Deep Barry A. Live
Barry R. Bones Ben Dover (a favorite of the kids) BEN THERE and DUNNE THAT Berry D. Hatchet
Bertha D. Blues Bill M. Lader Candy B. Goode C. U. Dye
C. U. Layder Dawn Under Diane Rott Dustin T. Dirt
Dustin T. Dust Fester N. Rott Hammond Eggs I. Emma Ghost or Ima Ghost
I. Emma Spook or Ima Spook I. L. Beabach I. M. Gone Imus B. Goewin
Iva Biggen Ivana Hacketoff Izzy Gone Jaws (a big bite out of this stone)
Jess Gough Justin Pieces Justin Thyme Kerry Emhoff
Kenny McCormick - You Bastards! Kenny McCormick - Died Weekly Lee Ning (with a tilted tombstone) Lefty B. Hynde
M. T. Tomb M.T. Box M.T. Toombe Manny Bones
Mark A. Place Mummy B. Ware Myra Mains Orson Buggy
Otta B. Alive Phil Dirt Phil McAvity, DDS Phil McCracken
Ray N. Carnation Reid Dannum-Weep Rick Amortis - A hard man is good to find. Ricky D. Bones
R.I.P. Van Winkle Rigger Mortis Roland Stone - Gathering Moss  
Robbie Ducky - You're the one R. U. Next Rustin Peece Rusty Gates
Seymour Butz Stu Meet STUPID and I'M WITH STUPID Sue D'Bum
Ted N. Buried Thirst N. Howl Tom Thumb (very small stone) U. R. Gone
Willy B. Back Willy Rott Xavier Breath Yetta Nother
Yul B. Next Clara Voince Metta Fisix Hal Lusinashin
Paul Tergeist Hap Arishen Wee G. Bord Manny Festation

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