Funny Epitaphs and Humorous Tombstones

Funny Epitaphs

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Check out these Funny Epitaphs and Humorous Tombstones, Headstones and Gravestones

Just because you're dead doesn't mean your sense of humor has to die with you. One would expect to see funny tombstones, headstones, or gravestones decorating lawns on Halloween but surprisingly you'll find a number of funny epitaphs real cemeteries all over the world. Yours could be one of them someday. As Halloween draws closer you will begin to see humorous headstones spring up on you neighbors lawns. Most of them will give you a quick, if not cheap, chuckle but it has always annoyed me that people keep using the same tired out old phrases every year. I've decided to compile a complete list of funny tombstone Epitaphs. I have divided what would have become a huge list into several sub-pages (see below). Just click the link and you will be taken to the specific page.

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Epitaphs are usually written by family members. In the old days the undertaker and stone carver would write them. Whether they are intentionally funny or not up for debate but you'll find all kinds of epitaphs on tombstones as well as mausoleums. If you have a specific way you want to be remembered then you should write your own epitaph before you die. If you leave it up to someone else who knows what words may mark your grave for all eternity. Take for example this tombstone written by a not-so grieving widower: Here lies me wife; Here let her lie; Now she has peace; And so do I. Also, this one from a family sums up their feeling for the departed quite well: "Here lies Barnard Lightfoot who was accidentally killed in the 45th year of his age. This monument was erected by his grateful family."

Dead celebrities help you remember them by having humorous tombstones epitaphs. Notable epitaphs include Mel Blanc, who used his trademark cartoon sign-off, "That's All Folks!"” and comedian Rodney Dangerfield whose epitaph reads, “There goes the neighborhood.” When talk show host Merv Griffin died, his tombstone read, "I will not be right back after this message."

Dying isn't funny but your tombstone can be. Write your humorous epitaph before you're gone. In the meantime you can find other funny tombstones and Halloween props and decorations here.

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