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Short & Sweet Epitaphs & Tombstones

Funny Epitaphs

Photo by Austad Productions

Check out these Short & Sweet Epitaphs, Tombstones, Headstones and Gravestones

Your name here!

What the heck are you lookin' at?

(accompanied w/ a bloody handprint or skeletal hand pointing the way)

Rest in Pieces

(Tombstone with cut-out or shaped like vodka bottle)

I was Fred
And now I'm dead!

Cliff Diver - rests in pieces

RIP - Slim (tall, skinny gravestone)

I have 2009 in the following Epitaphs but of course you can replace it with any date. Obviously the most current date makes sense but who am I to tell you how to decorate?

2009 Halloween Party Gate Crasher

2009 Halloween Party Guest of Honor

2009 Halloween Prop Vandal

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