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To really immerse your party guests in fear this Halloween, it's important to stimulate all five senses. Our audio/visual Halloween props can help you satisfy two out of the five right off the bat. From mildly creepy to downright horrifying, we offer a gradient of props that will assault your party guests' senses with varying degrees of fear based on your personal preferences.

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You will undoubtedly send a chill down your guests' spines when you play spooky sound effects as they enter your party or haunted house--watch as they cringe when they hear a haunting moan emit from your speakers! Additionally, you can play some gothic music in the background at your party to serve as a persistently creepy presence in your guests' ears. Combine all of these clashing sounds to induce a ubiquitous sense of uneasiness that will pervade even the bravest of your Halloween visitors.

Keeping in the spirit of this holiday, add to your friends' and family's discomfort with some haunted visuals. Unsettling lights are an excellent way to overwhelm your guests with a feeling of dread that they cannot ignore. To frighten those who are walking through your haunted house in a way that they will never expect, buy a DVD or two that will project spooky or gruesome images on the wall. Your guests' eyes will be popping right out of their heads from fear!

Complete your house's conversion to a harrowing Halloween wonderland with a hearty collection of terrifying audio and visual stimulants!

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