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Pirate Decorations

Every Halloween, the ghost ship of Queen Anne's Revenge sets sail. This October, it will be shipwrecked in your home when your order the items off of our pirate decorations for Halloween page. This selection consists of items that are perfect for decorating your front lawn and for continuing the theme inside your house. Use them to make it look like your party space is the headquarters for the ghost of Blackbeard, and you'll have the perfect excuse to do a pirate impression all night long.

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To return to the time when pirates were at their worst, we would have to head back to the early 1700s when pirate captains like Blackbeard and Calico Jack reigned terror. Pirating was most popular in the Caribbean, and men like these two were determined to stay at sea to plunder as much booty as possible. This often involved killing off any threats, and that included their own crew members who were forced to walk the plank if they went against captain's orders. While pirating was adventurous, it was also a hard way of life. Men were trapped on board for months at a time in dirty conditions with little food and water. If they ran into an enemy pirate ship or upset the wrong guy, it could mean death. Turn your house into a pirate ship with these Halloween decorations, and tell your guests that the ghosts of these unlucky men haunt the hallways. From shredded Jolly Roger flags to statues of undead captains, these decorative items will make it happen.

Pirates like Henry Morgan and Howell Davis will be at your bash in spirit- ghostly spirits, that is- when you deck out your space with our horror themed pirate decorations. Order our Halloween CDs and shredded tapestries to add to the spookiness.

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