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Pirate Props

Transform your home into a den of illegal activity with the addition of our Pirate Props. These items scream Caribbean thievery by the hands of scalawags who only care for riches and adventure. Since it is also Halloween, several of these decorations are also designed with a ghoulish appeal. Would-be trespassers will think twice before coming up to your door and expecting to parley with you and your crew.

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The best ways to keep away unwanted landlubbers would be to put up firm warnings. A large Jolly Roger flag prop would absolutely help people know your affiliations and why they should stay away. A skull and crossbones is the universal symbol for danger. We also feature several signs that feature more direct warnings. Pirates love loot and they have no qualms with taking them off of landlubbers who trespass.

If you're looking to make your theme more Halloween appropriate, consider adding a huge ghoulish buccaneer prop to your indoor or outdoor locations. Skeletal Flying Dutchmen with attire inspired by the age of piracy would help make your cause even stronger. These props appear to be long dead and they will certainly look dangerous to your typical suburbanite.

The most important elements to consider with these decorations is how they affect you. If being a pirate was a childhood dream of yours, adding these pirate props to your home will allow you to achieve this fantasy during the month of October.

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