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Disco Fever: 70's dance craze

Leisure suits, Afros, platform shoes and disco lights were staples in the 70’s as disco was the dance craze and lifestyle that swept the nation. Disco music had a unique sound that carried a driving beat that made you and your feet want to get up and dance. Many new acts started to pop up in the 70’s playing disco music as well as established recording artists embracing the new sound. Musical acts such as the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and the Village People became popular staples at discos and with radio stations playing disco music around the country. There are many resources available that talks about the disco dance era of the 70’s.

Definition: disco dance definition from

Disco Definition: a definition of the disco dance craze and disco style

Fashion: a look at the disco era fashions

70’s Fashion: resource outlining the fashion of the 70’s

Disco Hairstyles: information on women’s hairstyles from the 70’s

70’s Hairstyles: detailing popular hairstyles for men and women from the 70’s

Disco Hustle: history of the disco hustle dance

Disco Dancing: outlining the types of disco dancing

Disco Dance Floor: video showing MIT students building a disco dance floor

History of the Hustle: history of the dance, the hustle

History of Disco: resource outlining the origins of disco

Costumes: a look at costumes from the disco era

Disco Handbook: e-book outlining all things disco

Disco Terminology: information on words related to the disco era

70’s Music: summary of music heard in the 70’s

Disco Music: discography of music of the disco era

Disco Charts: listing of the music charts from the disco days

70’s Music: information on music from the 70’s

Radio Disco: online resource playing disco music from 70’s & 80’s

Disco Music: timeline of important dates in the development of disco music

Disco Music Artists: discography and information on disco artists

Disco Songs: listing of the 100 best disco songs

Bee Gees: information on music from the Bee Gees

Saturday Night Fever: lyrics from the soundtrack of the movie

Village People: information, videos and more on the disco group

The disco dance craze of the 70’s may be over, and the miniskirts, open necked flower shirts and the platform shoes may be put away for good. But the great music of the era continues. With the technology available today with CD’s and MP3’s, the sound quality of these classic songs and albums now sound better than ever. Hopefully, these classic sounds will be around for many generations to come.

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