There are few things more exciting that getting a group of friends together to dress up. Whether you're searching for costumes for a group of girls heading to a themed party, or locating the best girl's group Halloween costumes, there is a huge selection of designs and prices.

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For younger girls needing a girl's group halloween costume, choose from cute styles like the many Disney themed outfits. Have each girl choose a different Disney princess for an individualized take on the team concept. Or, consider dressing up as a pack of Crayola crayons, each girl dressed in her favorite color. Animal themes are consistently popular, so choose one of the adorable costumes and go as a team of cats, bees, or ladybugs.

Teens and young women have plenty to choose from in their search to find great girl's group halloween costumes too. For those who want to get into the spooky spirit, try one of the realistic Zombie options. Nothing would make a bigger splash at a theme party than a pack of female zombies roaming around! Take a twist on the traditional witch look with one of the modern styles, like a sassy witch, gothic witch, or rocking out witch. Each one is perfect for a older halloween party. Go as a flock of spooky witches, but stand out from the crowd with personalized touches like wigs, brooms, and cauldrons as accessories.

For girls of all ages, character costumes are a great way to dress up in a group. Choose recognizable characters like Daphne and Velma from Scooby-Doo, or go as the Power Rangers, with each girl selecting a different colored outfit. As much fun as it is to dress up, it's so much more exciting to dress up and trick-or-treat or attend parties as a pack! With so many choices, there is guaranteed to be the perfect set of girl's group costumes that you're looking for.