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Mardi Gras Jester Costumes

Hear ye, hear ye, put your Mardi Gras jester costumes on and prepare to laugh! It is fun to be a fool. Jesters plays an important part in the king's court during Mardi Gras. The reason dates back to Medieval and Renaissance times when entertainers were employed by the royals for comedic purposes. They dressed in foolish clothing to aid in their comedic ways. The good thing about jesters is that they had carte blanch to say whatever is on their mind without getting into trouble. During Shrove Tuesday, as it it also called, these comics round out the kings court and symbolize humor, rebellion and satire. While only one man and woman can be the king and queen, anyone can be one. The more the merrier.

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Mardi Gras jester costumes have a medieval look floppy, frilly outfits and silly hats with curled points. They outfits feature large blocks of green, gold and purple as well as harlequin patterns. There are styles that have oversized tunic tops with tights that are unisex. Unisex boots are purchased separately. There are also Mardi Gras costumes made specifically for men and women. The men's styles feature a shirt and pants while the women's styles feature sexy dresses with the colors and patterns of of the holiday. You will certainly want to add some jester accessories such as a wand, hat or mask. In addition, accessories like beads, wigs, drinking goblet and shoes will make your jester costume even better. Get them all here before Fat Tuesday arrives!

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