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Mens Vampire Costumes

Legend has it that a count was murdered hundreds of years ago and was transformed into an undead Vampire who rised from his coffin every night to drink the blood of living creatures, thus giving him eternal life. Vampires never age and they have no soul. This Hallowen, walk in the footsteps of the vampire in a men's Dracula or vampire costume. You'll love our selection that ranges from handsome to terrifying.

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From Bram Stoker's Dracula to Stephanie Meyers Twilight series, vampires have always been portrayed at blood-thirsty being who avoid light and hunt with intensity. Over time, the vampires look has changed from the Gothic black cape and Count look to a more modern dress with the same ghostly pallor. You might say that these days, the Vampire genre is even more popular except they do not don the traditional vampire costumes. Either way, we have the men's vampire costumes and accessories to be any type of vampire you choose.

Dracula is one of the most popular character in the horror costume category. Men's Vampire costume will turn you into a handsome, mysterious man that women cannot resist. You can hypnotize them with your gaze and take them for all eternity. Well, maybe not all eternity but at least for Halloween night. Check out our selection of Gothic-Vampire costume for Men's. Horror fans will love costumes like the Men's Deluxe Vampire Be Slayed Costume.

Plus, add vampire accessories to your Men's Vampire outfit such as makeup, Gothic jewelry, fangs and more. You will be a handsome as you are frightening.

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