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Barney is great, but, sometimes you're not looking for costumes that will appeal to children. After all, you're not on our way to a party at Chuck E. Cheese's. You're going to a grown up party and your want something funny and downright dirty. There are R-rated costumes that are just a bit racy and others that are dirty but will most likey go over most kids' heads. Yet some are so R-rated, they border obscene. If you want to lift a few eyebrows, you want men's R-Rated costumes.

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Sometimes, shopping for costumes can be a real challenge. If you go to your local shop, you may find all the usual costumes, but you may not be able to find an R-rated costume because they can't be displayed where young kids will see them. That's why shopping online for your R-rated costume is the way to go. All of the R-Rated Humorous Halloween costume for men are in their own special section on our site, away from young eyes. You can see the costumes in full detail and shop in private. There is no need to be embarrassed at the check out counter because you are shopping online, on a 100 percent secure site.

Let's look at some of the choices. These are adult-themed costumes for men so don't be surprised when you get the details. Remember, it's all in good fun. We can start off with a costume set for you and your partner, the Plug and Socket Costume. This is one of those r-rated costumes that the kids won't understand. Another option is to pick one of the men's R-rated costumes that make you look like you're engaging in lude activities. For this, check out the Country Lovin Adult Costume, The Down for the Count Costume and the Double Occupancy Costume. Other hilarious and creative choices revolve around costumes of well endowed men such as A Knight to Remember Costume.

The selections go on and on. And, remember, they are rated 'R'. So, if you want to be the life of the party, raise some eyebrows and cause some friendly, playful embarrassment with a few of your friends; go for the men's r-rated Halloween costumes.

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