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Skin Suits

Skin suits have come a long way! Now, instead of just featuring a solid color, you can pull on a skin suit that features a unique design. From cheering on your favorite sports teams, to making your friends laugh, there's a skin suit for every occasion.Show your team you're a true fan by showing off your spirit with a printed men's skin suit. We've got a variety of suits for different sports teams from Major League Baseball to college football. Leave the body and face paint at home. Wearing a skin suit to your next sporting event is a mess free way to cheer on your teams!

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Sport teams aren't the only things printed on skin suits now. You can transform your body into anything from a faceless, tuxedo wearing person to a superhero or ninja. There are even suits printed with psychedelic patterns and camouflage that will have you doing anything but blending in. You can pull on a skin suit that makes you look like a skeleton or even show off all of the muscle that are just under the skin.

When in doubt, go with a solid color. These suits come in Standard and Plus Size so that anybody can transform into the disappearing man. You might not be that invisible just walking around, but find a wall the same color as your suit and it will be extremely hard to see you. These suits are especially useful when it comes to film special effects. The solid colored suits are perfect for acting as a green screen. With the right equipment, you can make anyone wearing the solid colored skin suits disappear!

So whether you're rooting on your sports teams or playing jokes on your friends, these skin suits will be a hit.

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