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Plus Size Clown Costumes

Clowns have been around for millennia throughout the world, with evidence indicating their presence as far back as Ancient Egypt. They are known for providing comic relief through plays, performing routines at circuses and parties, and bringing joy to sick children in hospitals. During the latter half of the 20th century, the macabre side of this overly enthusiastic look started to be expressed in popular works of fiction, such as Stephen King's "It." Today, both extremes are common, especially during Halloween.

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Whether good or evil, these colorful eccentrics are supposed to look silly and over-the-top. Even the frightful evil jester has a deviously humorous expression. But even so, one thing is always certain: nobody wants to wear getups that don't fit them, whether it's clown costume, or any type of clothing! Part of it has to do with appearance - we all want to look our best, even in funny Halloween ensembles - but more than anything else, it has to do with comfort. You can't throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself if your shirt is pulling or your waistband is tight. know our outfits are too big or too small!

The point is that, if you're of a bigger build, you should have access to costumes that are in your size. Just like everybody else at the party, you deserve to show up feeling comfortable in your ensemble, and proud knowing you look awesome in it.

Come and browse our selection of plus-sized clown getups and choose the best look and fit for you!

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