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Kick Ass Costumes

It takes a lot of courage and willpower to decide that you're going to be a superhero, and you can expect to experience a whole lot of pain while you're in the training process. If you're as gutsy as Dave Lizewski is, give it a shot with our Kick-Ass costumes. Our assortment of official looks will help you get into the action like Dave does without the hassle of having to build a suit.

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Kick-Ass is a comic book and movie series following the story of an ordinary teenager and comic fan who decides to become a superhero called Kick-Ass. His first stunt gets him run over by a car. His nerves are damaged as a result, and this gives him an almost super ability to withstand pain. Another series of mishaps leads him to have what every superhero has, an archenemy, when the son of a crime boss mistakenly believes him to have killed his father's men. This person, who takes on the identity of Red Mist, is another teenager who's determined to take Kick-Ass down.

Browse throughout our site, and you'll find costumes that will help you look like Kick-Ass, Red Mist, and another vigilante from this series known as Hit-Girl. The Kick-Ass costumes look just like that vibrant green bodysuit with yellow trims that the lead character wears. Likewise, the Hit-Girl and Red Mist designs are close replicas to the uniforms worn in the movie. Wear one, and have two of your friends wear the others to reenact scenes from the film at the upcoming comic convention.

Dave stitched up an incredible superhero suit for himself, and our selection of Kick-Ass costumes will help you stitch up an incredible Halloween. Order them, and take Red Mist out in one swoop.

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