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Pocahontas Costumes

Pocahontas is the first female Native American that kids learn about in school. She was the young Indian princess who saved Captain John Smith from death at the hands of Powhatan's braves. Our Pocahontas costumes for girls and women feature authentic Native American details such as patterned beading and fringe. These dresses are referred to Native American Princess costumes as well.

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When Pocahontas first met Captain Smith, she was about 10 years old. This is the perfect age for a young girl to wear a Pocahontas dress. However, since they come in all sizes, girls of any age can portray her either for Halloween or for a presentation at school about Jamestown. She'll be sure to get extra points for authenticity when she gets up in front of the class in costume as well as in character. It is fun to wear an outfit that looks great and has historical value as well.

Older teens and women might like our more mature version of the Pocahontas outfit, the Pocahottie costume. This sexy Native American Halloween outfit is a modern take on Indian attire. Some historians believe that Pocahontas seduced Captain Smith when she was older. When you wear this outfit you can interpret history however you please with your significant other dressed as John Smith.

Technically, you can wear any Indian Princess dress and call it a Pocahontas costume. All you have to do is choose your favorite. With our many selections, you'll find it easy to pick one you like best.

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