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Spiderman Costumes

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can and Spider-Girl does too. Furthermore, they do with superhero strength. They shoot webs, scale walls, possess spider senses, and make awesome Halloween costumes for the children, men and women. From the original Spider-Man costume to the newest Spidey suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, we have them all!

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Spider-Man is the most commercially successful Superhero put out by Marvel. So much so, that he is the Marvel company mascot. Spider-Girl is the daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. She is the longest running lead female character every published by Marvel. When is comes to Spider-Man costumes and Spider-Girl costumes we make sure there is something for every taste. Spider-Man costumes come in sizes to fits infants through men's plus and feature standard and muscle padded styles. We also carry the boys Black Spider-Man 3 Halloween costume. Spider-Girl Halloween costumes come in sizes for girls and women with addition styles that are sexy such as the Sassy Prestige Spider-Girl costume and the Black Deluxe Spider Girl costume. Spider-Man gloves are sold separately.

Spidey makes an ideal Halloween costume because the costume comes with a mask that allows you to hide your identity, just like Peter Parker. The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 costumes feature the Ultimate Spider-Man costumes for children and adults. Don one of these costumes and help Peter Parker defeat the evil powers at OsCorp.

Costume Discounters is the place to shop for superhero Halloween costumes like Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and many others Marvel comics' characters.

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