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Superman/Supergirl Costumes

Superman and Supergirl are DC Comic Book characters that are members of the Justice League of Superheroes. Despite their speed, they are easy to spot. Both Superman and Supergirl wear costumes with blue tights emblazoned with an "S" emblem on the chest, red boots and a red cape.

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Superman and Supergirl are the sole survivors of the planet Krypton. Their real names are Kal-El and Kara Zor-El, respectively. On Earth Superman take the human name, Clark Kent and Supergirl becomes Linda Lee. Their super powers are identical, they can both fly, "leap tall building in a single bound," run with lightening speed, possess superhuman strength and they have X-ray vision. On the downside, they are both vulnerable to Kryptonite. Now that you know the basics, you can wear the Superman costume and Supergirl costume with confidence.

Superman costumes and Supergirl costumes range in size from newborn to plus size adult. Boys and Men's costumes have standard and muscle padded styles. Order your Superman Halloween costume or Supergirl costume this Halloween. Our prices can't be beat and we prove it with our lowest price guarantee.