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Astronaut Costumes

Astronauts are real life heroes so dressing up in an astronaut flight suit costume makes you a space age super hero. Astronauts are pilots who are trained to command and fly a spacecraft. Their job is to go on missions to outer space for a variety of reasons ranging from working on the International Space Station to walking on the moon. The space suit they wear is designed to withstand the lack of pressure and gravity in space and keep the astronaut safe. Our Astronaut costumes are not made for real space flight but they sure do look like the real thing, right down to the NASA patches!

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Both kids and adults astronaut costumes pay close attention to detail so they look as authentic as one worn by NASA astronauts like Neil Armstrong or Endeavor astronaut, Mark Kelly.

All across the world, since the space program began, there have only been 547 astronauts. This Halloween, you can wear an astronaut costume and add your name to this prestigious list. And for all the kids out there who wear astronaut costumes, who knows, one day they may be commander of their own spaceship.

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