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Ninja Costumes

These ninja costumes and accessories are so stealthy, we hope you don't miss out on the great deals! Kids and adults can both get in on the fun of pretending to be a silent master of the martial arts. They have captured the imaginations of young men and women for decades. If you have ever seen an old kung fu film or are a fan of newer video games and movies like Mortal Kombat, then you will love the karate warrior ensembles we carry. We even have a kid's show heroes like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers.

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Ninja are typically dressed for stealth, but on Halloween you want to stand out! Throw some color into yours with uniforms in red, green, blue, and even flame designs. Most ninjitsu looks we carry feature a basic bodysuit with ties, gauntlet, or shoulder pads to help add interest to your look. Girl's martial arts outfits sometimes offer a bit more color and detail such as dragon emblems and kimono style robes. Equip yourself for battle with fun weapons and other martial arts accessories. Nunchucks, swords, sai blades, throwing stars and daggers are all part of a ninjitsu arsenal. You can also look for items like boots, gloves, masks, and character props to match your look to a specific character. Whether you want a generic ninja or a specific character to please your child, you can find the look here.

Relive the excitement of marital arts films and action movies with our men, women, and children's ninja costumes and accessories.

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