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Pimp & Ho Costumes

Pimps and Hos are tricked out Mac Daddies and Hot Mamas who know how to have a good time. They are the epitome of cool, they're smooth talking, strut walkin "don't take nothin' from nobody" kinds of characters and they make amazing Halloween costumes! Pimp costumes and Ho costumes are vibrant and attention getting. They feature animal prints like zebra, tiger and leopard to represent their animal magnetism. A proper mack daddy or pimpette never goes out without a long coat and a matching hat, completing the look of someone who should be respected, even if their line of work is questionable.

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These styles are so popular they even have a convention named after them. The Pimp and Ho Costume Ball occurs annually in Las Vegas with spin-offs in cities like New Orleans. For this event, Hustler Halloween costumes are a must have, if you choose to wear clothing at all, that is.

Pimped out accessories that are necessary for your ensemble are a cane and lots of bling like faux diamond encrusted watches and rings. These accessories are interchangeable for men and women.

Pimps and hos are sexy, there is no denyin' so get your costume here and you'll be stylin'.

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