10 Free Valentine’s Gift and Date Ideas

Whoever said Valentine’s Day had to consist of expensive jewelry, dozens of roses and lavish meals at four star restaurants doesn’t know the true meaning of the day. While these things are really nice, the day is about love, which just can’t be bought with fancy baubles and pricey dinners. While sexy costumes are an added bonus for spicing up the holiday, you can can still get by with a little bit of imagination.

We’ve made a list of 10 things you can do for FREE on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Write a letter to your love, letting them know exactly how much you love them. Putting it into words on paper makes it more meaningful and gives your love a wonderful keepsake.
  2. Give a massage – a long, slow massage with warm oil and candlelight is about as romantic as it gets.
  3. Make a video expressing your love and post it on YouTube for the world to see.
  4. Coming home to a spotlessly clean house would be a great gift that shows how much you care. Do the laundry too!
  5. An evening of undivided attention where you actually listen to every word your love says would be really nice.
  6. Spend the day alone together – if you have kids, or lead busy lives where you only seem to be alone together when you’re asleep, then drop the kids off at grandma’s or clear your work schedule for a day and just be alone together. Take a walk, watch TV while holding hands or spend the whole day in bed… just the two of you.
  7. Leave post-its around the house with reasons why you love each other. Put them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, the car steering wheel, etc.
  8. Put on that sexy Halloween costume from last year and have some fun with sexy role-playing.
  9. Surprise them with a dirty phone call in the middle of the day telling what you’d like to do that night in the bedroom.
  10. Make love! It is the ultimate way to say I love you.

Thrifty and romantic date ideas are all that you need if you and your spouse, partner or significant other really love each other.