10 Must Know Facts Before Seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Must Know FactsThe mutants from the X-Men universe have been around since 1963, but in the last 14 years, we’ve been graced with big screen interpretations of the comic books. And on May 23, 2014, we’re going to get another movie to add to the franchise. With X-Men: Days of Future Past premiering this weekend, we thought we would put together a list of facts you might not have known about the franchise:

  1. Days of Future Past was shot under the name “Hello Kitty” because in the comic which the film is based on, it was Kitty who traveled back in time and not Wolverine.X-Men Hello Kitty
  2. Stan Lee originally wanted to call the mutant-based comic books The Merry Mutants but luckily, Marvel executives stepped in.X-Men Logo
  3. The “X” in X-Men does not stand for Professor Xavier but instead for extra, as in the extra powers that normal humans didn’t possess.X-Men Symbol
  4. Although the films have made Wolverine the center of the X-Men storyline, he was not a member of the original X-Men. Cyclops, Marvel Girl (aka Jean Grey), Beast, Angel and Iceman were there long before Wolverine made his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk comics.Original X-Men Team
  5. Casting is a tricky process. James Marsden, Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman, among others weren’t the first choice for their characters. Jude Law, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were being considered for Cyclops. Natalie Portman was a front runner for Rogue. Russell Crowe could’ve been Wolverine but he was too expensive for the role!Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn
  6. Speaking of casting, the production crew didn’t follow the comics too closely when bringing the characters to life. Wolverine is 5’3” in the comics but Jackman is 6’2” in real life!Comic Wolverine versus Movie Wolverine
  7. Wolverine carries the film franchise. Hugh Jackman broke the record for how many times a comic book character was portrayed on film by the same actor. With the addition of Days of Future Past, Jackman has played Wolverine 7 times.X-Men Film Franchise
  8. It’s not easy becoming Wolverine. In order to prepare his body for the role, Hugh Jackman turned to WWE star The Rock for a training regimen.Hugh Jackman WWE
  9. Battle of the characters! Ian McKellen, who plays both Magneto and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, claimed that Gandalf could definitely best Magneto in a fight.Ian McKellen
  10. Although there are many inconsistencies between the comics and the movies, there are just as many plot inconsistencies between the movies. Here are a few:
    • In First Class audiences saw Professor X paralyzed but in X3 there were flashback scenes that showed Professor X older and still walking.Professor X's Wheelchair
    • Also in First Class we saw Hank McCoy transform into the blue monster form of Beast however, in X2 he appears on television still human!Hank McCoy X2
    • The character of Emma Frost appeared in both First Class and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. First Class was set in the 60s and Wolverine in the 80s, however, Emma Frost was younger in Wolverine than First Class.Emma Frost Wolverine & First Class

Did we miss any important facts that audiences should know about before seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past? Also, in the Magneto versus Gandalf battle, who do you think would win?