101 Fun Things to Do In April


As the saying goes, spring has sprung! What to do now? For starters, it’s time to get up and go outside! Take advantage of the warming weather to be active, get some vitamin D and enjoy the many things there are to do in April.

  1. Purchase new gardening supplies.
  2. Go fishing.
  3. Take a hike and admire the budding trees.
  4. Have a picnic on the first day over 70 degrees.
  5. Ride a bike.
  6. Write a poem about spring.
  7. Dress up in costumes for Earth Day
  8. Pick dandelions.
  9. Go to a petting zoo.
  10. Watch Titanic on April 14 to commemorate the sinking.
  11. File your taxes (OK…NOT FUN).
  12. Put your baby in a flower patch while dressed in a flower costume.
    Baby in flower pot
  13. Throw away all the black jellybeans left over from Easter.
  14. April 20 is Look Alike Day, so find your doppelganger.
  15. Go to a minor league baseball game.
  16. On April 28th, bring your child to work.
  17. Call someone you have lost touch with. Spring is about new beginnings.
  18. Start a journal.
  19. Attend a local High School’s spring musical.
  20. Rent a movie on a rainy day.
  21. Volunteer in your community.
  22. Have your friends over for a Spa Day.
  23. Open the windows and let the fresh air inside.
  24. Start your spring cleaning.
  25. Make a flower arrangement with tree blossoms.
  26. Stare up at the sky and look for shapes in the clouds.
    Cloud Shapes
  27. Attend a spring-themed event in your community.
  28. Try your hand at sketching.
  29. Plan your vegetable garden, start your seeds.
  30. Get some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch with your kids.
  31. Use those April showers as an opportunity to do a 1,000 piece puzzle.
  32. Shop for new summer clothes.
  33. Go for a horseback ride on a sunny day.
  34. Take a walk at the beach and get excited for summer.
  35. Search for your favorite inspirational message and share it on Facebook.
  36. Take a picture of something beautiful outside and make it your Background or Desktop image.
  37. Roll down the car windows and sing on the top of your lungs.
  38. Ride a roller coaster.
  39. Officially uncover the grill and cook up a BBQ.
  40. Take a nature walk to look for baby birds and bunnies.
    Baby birds
  41. Fly a kite.
  42. Blow bubbles.
  43. Go to garage sales to find some hidden treasures.
  44. Do a trash to treasure project with a flea market find.
  45. Feed the ducks at your local lake.
  46. Swing on the swings.
  47. Take your dog to a dog park to play with new friends.
  48. Play soccer.
  49. Tour a historical site near you.
  50. Clean out your garage and have a sale.
  51. Let the kids make a lemonade stand.
  52. Create your bucket list.
  53. Get up early to watch the sunrise.
  54. Recycle and re-purpose items in your home.
  55. Donate your old clothes to charity.
  56. Start a new exercise plan.
  57. Play an April Fool’s joke on a friend.
  58. Wash your car.
  59. Play hide-and-seek.
  60. Hit the mall for winter clearance.
  61. Visit your grandma.
  62. Find old family photos and make a scrapbook.
    spring scrapbooking
  63. See a Broadway show.
  64. Play dodge ball like you did when you were a kid.
  65. Make love like the birds and the bees.
  66. Update a room with a fresh new paint color.
  67. Rearrange the furniture.
  68. Get a pound puppy or a rescue dog from a local shelter.
  69. Research your genealogy.
  70. Visit a zoo.
  71. Start a blog.
  72. Do arts and crafts with kids.
  73. Bake a pie and fill the house with the smell of fruity baked goodness.
  74. Plant a windowsill herb garden.
  75. Take up jogging.
  76. Play jump rope; learn to double dutch and sing jump rope songs.
  77. Test drive the latest sports cars.
  78. Go for a ride in a convertible.
    Dog in convertible
  79. Have a romantic lunch at a fancy outdoor cafe.
  80. Teach your kids or relatives kids something special about your family.
  81. Go for a long drive in the country and play I Spy.
  82. Skydive.
  83. Climb a rock wall (then try the real thing).
  84. Learn to cook or try a new type of cuisine.
  85. Learn to play three common guitar chords and write a song.
  86. Create a new iTunes mix of all happy songs.
  87. Clean up your yard.
  88. Enjoy a girls night or guys night out.
  89. Uncover the lawn furniture and start spending more time outside.
  90. Buy a colorful new picnic table umbrella to celebrate spring.
  91. Get organized!
  92. Tell someone you love them.
  93. Play words with Friends with someone across the country.
  94. Fly a model airplane.
  95. Hold hands more often with someone you love.
  96. Look for ladybugs, they are good luck.
    Ladybug in window sil
  97. Start a family tradition and do it every spring.
  98. Make a blanket fort in the living room on a rainy afternoon.
  99. Plant a tree in memory of someone who passed this year.
  100. Give and receive a pedicure.
  101. “Spring” a surprise someone for no reason at all. Record their reaction.