2012 is the Year of Superhero Movies and Costumes

Superhero fans are getting their fill this year due to the number of action packed hero movies. And since most blockbuster superhero movies are debuting before Halloween, now is the perfect time to preview Superhero Halloween costumes from your favorite movies such as Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and Men in Black 3.

Watch this clip to get you in the mood to see some costumes:

Not that you needed that little jolt of excitement but it certainly makes a great segue to our new for 2012 superhero costumes.

The AVENGERS Costumes

Amazing Spider-Man Costumes

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costumes

Men in Black 3 Costumes


Halloween is 113 days away. Now is the time to pre-order the most in-demand superhero costumes for Halloween for kids and adults.