5 Christmas Costumes Perfect for Awkward Family Photos

We’ve all seen them, those ridiculous family Christmas pictures with the whole brood dressed in matching costumes…some are awesome and others are awesomely terrible.

Just like there are some people who strive to win the ugly sweater contest ever year at the company Christmas party, lots of families actually go out of their way to find the wackiest holiday costumes for their Christmas card. I have a few friends whose card I look forward to all year long just to see the lengths they’ve gone to in order to make the season jolly.

Here are Costume Discounters’ picks for the Top 5 Christmas Costumes for Family Photos:

Christmas tree costume and Ornament costume1. Christmas Tree Parent and Ornament Children – One parent can be the Tree and another can wear the Santa Suit. Then you can like up your little ornaments or even dress them as presents.






2. Elf Family Picture – The elf costumes will turn you all into Santa’s helpers. Even your pet can be part of this festive family photo.






3. Mr. and Mrs. Claus with their little Reindeer – If you had eight kids it would be perfect but it works with just a couple kids too.





4. Snowman Family – Move over Frosty! You’ll have the “coolest” looking family when you pose for your Christmas picture in these snowman costumes.




5. Christmas Nativity Costume Picture – Mom as Mary, Dad as Joseph and the kids as angels, shepherds or wisemen. Highly recommended for parents of newborns! I have seen actual Awkward Family Holiday Photos with the family using their dog or cat in place of the baby Jesus but if you ask me, that’s just creepy.


Crazy holiday pictures have become so popular that websites actually offer contests and prizes for the funniest one. If you have an awkward or funny holiday picture with family members in costume, we’d love to see it. Post it in the comments or on our Facebook page.