Five Ways to be a Pirate for Under $50

Aargh matey! Every kid has dreamed of dropping it all to head out onto the salty sea and traverse the world as a seafaring 16th century pirate at least once. Whether the inspiration was learning the tales of Blackbeard or Redbeard, or growing up with Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you’ve probably thought about it.

But in this day and age, dropping it all to sail the seven seas would be a tad bit… expensive. So, to satisfy that inner desire to take to the sea, Costume Discounters decided to figure out five ways you could play the part of pirate for less than $50.

$10 Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes can be expensive, but with only a few pieces and not a lot of cash, you can put together a solid pirate costume for only $10!

Pirate $10

Pirate Eye Patch – shop now! | Silver and Gold Pirate Cutlass – shop now! | Black Bandana – shop now!

This entire ensemble can have you ready to take command of a schooner without a hit to your wallet. Each piece of the costume can be found for $5 or less, including the eye patch for less than $2! Couple these products together and you’ve got the perfect pirate costume and money still in your wallet.

$20 Pirate Costume

Pirates are notorious for having missing limbs and body parts (peg legs, eye patches, hooks), so if you want a more complete costume, the $20 option is a great way to transform your look without a big price tag.

Pirate $20

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For still under $50, you can be a salty sea dog with dreams of the open ocean, and you’ll only have to use a $20 bill! Just a few additional costume pieces put together, with everything costing $10 or less! Aargh!

$30 Pirate Costume

Pirates who’ve manned the seas long enough have a tendency to command their own ship, which means they’ve got to have a parrot first mate! If you want to add and avian friend, the $30 costume is for you!

Pirate $30

Parrot – shop now! | Silver and Gold Pirate Cutlass – shop now! | Pirate Hat – shop now!
Pirate Hook – shop now! | Eyepatch – shop now!

Each piece of the $30 option only costs $10 or less, making it an easy and affordable way to become a 16th century captain of your very own ship! And with a hook, sword, and parrot pal, you’re sure to command the respect of your crew.

$40 Pirate Costume

The $40 option is an affordable way to go from landlubber to captain of a black flag ship for a small, small cost!

Pirate $40

Boot Tops – shop now! | Parrot – shop now! | Pistol – shop now!
Telescope – shop now! | Bandana – shop now! | Eyepatch – shop now!

With each piece costing $12 or less, this option is an easy way to have a complete pirate look without emptying your treasure chest on an expensive costume. Be sure to get your sea legs ready to ride because the addition of boot tops is sure to help your balance and your look!

$50 Pirate Costume

The fifth option is an entire ensemble that rivals even Jack Sparrow, and it’s all for only $50, so you can be a privateer without breaking the bank!

Pirate $50

Boot Tops – shop now! | Parrot – shop now! | Silver and Gold Pirate Cutlass – shop now! | Pirate Hat – shop now!
Makeup – shop now! | Bandana – shop now! | Earring & Eyepatch – shop now! | Pirate Hook – shop now!

Yargh! With each part of the costume only costing up to $10, this set will make even the least savvy seafarer look like a more-than-capable captain! Add a little makeup to give yourself the weathered look that’s sure to make landlubbers everywhere envious, and don’t forget yer gold earring!

If these costume ideas got you inspired, but you want to go all out and take to the seas and drop everything else, be sure to take a look at the wide variety of pirate costumes that Costume Discounters has in stock!