Five Ways to be a Princess for Under $50

There’s an allure to royalty. Something about princes and princesses is appealing and exciting, especially in fairy tales. Most little girls dream of being a princess at some point in their childhood. But being royal can be expensive.

So, Costume Discounters took the time to find five ways that your little one can dress up like the princess she’s always dreamed of being, without putting a huge dent in your wallet. Here’s five ways to be a princess for less than $50.

$10 Princess Costume

Becoming a princess may seem complicated, but for just $10, anyone can let loose their royal side!

Princess Tiara

Tiara – shop now!

This option may seem pretty simple, but as they say, simple can also be elegant. For only $10, you can transform any outfit into a princess’ outfit!

$20 Princess Costume

Ruling a land requires money, lots of it, but becoming that ruler doesn’t have to, which is why we have a $20 princess option!

Princess for $20

Scepter – shop now! | Tiara – shop now! | Makeup – shop now!

Grab your scepter and lead the way! This ensemble is less than $7 per piece, and it can turn anyone into a royal in a flash!

$30 Princess Costume

Princesses have some pretty big shoes to fill, but those shoes don’t need to require a big wallet, too. Check out the $30 option!

Princess for $30

Necklace & Earrings – shop now! | Satin Gloves – shop now! | Tiara – shop now!
Scepter – shop now! | Makeup – shop now!

Straighten that tiara and pull up your gloves because this outfit will have you looking regal for only $7 of less per piece!

$40 Princess Costume

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So being a princess for only $40 has to be a possibility.

Princess for $40

Tiara – shop now! | Gloves – shop now!
Scepter – shop now! | Makeup – shop now!

Put on your best smile and be prepared to rule your subjects with this option to be a princess for less! Each piece is around $10, making it easy and affordable.

$50 Princess Costume

While most rulers are rich, most people are not. That’s what makes a $50 princess transformation so exciting!

Princess for $50

Dress – shop now! | Tiara – shop now! | Scepter – shop now!

Zip up your gown and place your tiara on your head. Becoming a princess is affordable and easy and you can look like one for only $50!

If you’re still looking for a royal look for your little girl, or want your little boy to be able to show off his princely side, take a look at Costume Discounters’ selection of fairy tale costumes!