Five Ways to be a Superhero for Under $50

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a superhero costume! With Halloween just around the corner, there’s a chance you’re probably scrambling to figure out a costume, or worse, it’s set at a steep price. Are you trying to save the world, but can’t afford it? Have no fear!

Costume Discounters took some time to figure out five ways your little guy or girl can dress up like a superhero for less than $50. Costumes can get costly, and to avoid breaking the bank, check out some of the options below!

$10 Superhero Costume

Trying to save the world can cost a lot, but just a couple costume pieces can make even us mortals into a superhero!


Superhero Cape – shop now! | Domino Mask – shop now! | Gloves – shop now!

Once you put on the mask and cape, you’ll already be ready to save the world, so adding the gloves just makes you more official! This whole set is $7 or less for each piece.

$20 Superhero Costume

Trying to hide your alter ego but don’t want to spend too much? Look no further than the $20 option!


Superhero Cape – shop now! | Muscle Chest – shop now!

With just a couple pieces put together, this costume will ensure you can do your crime fighting without being recognized! Each piece is $12 or less.

$30 Superhero Costume

Superheroes have a lot on their plates, and sometimes saving the world requires a balanced budget. So being a superhero for $30 is a bargain!


Superhero Cape – shop now! | Muscle Chest – shop now! | Boots – shop now!

Flex you muscles and put on the cape because for $12 or less for each part of this ensemble, you’re going to be ready to kick some butt and save the day!

$40 Superhero Costume

There’s several ways to be a superhero, but sometimes you don’t have a radioactive spider on hand. For $40, you can skip the spider bite!


Pants – shop now! | Shirt – shop now!
Superhero Cape – shop now! | Gauntlets – shop now!

With this ensemble, you’ll be on your way to crime fighting, and you’ll only spend $10 on each part of your costume!

$50 Superhero Costume

Being a superhero can be tiresome, so why spend more energy worrying about the costs to get in your costume? This $50 option lets the worry disappear.


Superhero Set – shop now! | Muscle Chest – shop now! | Pants – shop now!
Boots – shop now! | Gloves – shop now!

For less than $12 per piece, this costume will come together in no time, and for a low price you’ll be able to save the day, stop crime, and kick butt!

If you liked these ideas but need a little more superhero in your life, be sure to check out Costume Discounters huge selection of superhero and villains costumes!