10 Reasons You’re Not Too Old for Halloween

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To the naked eye, Halloween might seem like a holiday for children. Costumes, candy, being adorable… You know the drill. But, then again, Halloween is all about costumes and candy and being adorable, so how is this NOT a holiday for adults?!

Costume Discounters has decided to highlight the Top 10 reasons why you’re not too old to enjoy Halloween 2015!

10. Pumpkin Picking


Image via theinnovationdiaries.com

Not just for Halloween, but pumpkin picking is the Fall-i-est of all Fall activities. Call up your boyfriend or girlfriend, put on some flannel shirts, and go to the nearest farm to pick some pumpkins. The fun doesn’t stop there, though – pumpkin carving, painting and pie-making are all acceptable activities after you get home!

9. Accessorizing!


The costumes are the focus of Halloween, and you’ll see them a little farther down the list, but don’t underestimate the fun you can have accessorizing your look. You’re not a police officer without some handcuffs, and you’re not a hippie without the perfect flower crown. Make sure you find the perfect add-ons for your costume this October.

8. Halloween Pranks

Pranks are funny, but only when they’re being played on somebody else. Just ask this guy…

7. Haunted Houses

haunted house

Image via deviantart.com

Life would be pretty boring without a little scare every once in a while, wouldn’t it? Grab a group of friends and find a night when you’re all free so that you can visit your local haunted houses. Try to act tough, though. It’s a fact of life that, like a moth to a flame, the actors in these attractions always find themselves spending more time focusing on the scaredy cats.

6. Trick-or-Treaters

trick or treat

Image via Huffington Post

When you’re an adult, you find a whole new joy in trick-or-treating. YOU get to pick out the candy that gets handed out, and you’re now solely responsible for your reputation in the neighborhood. Do you really want to be the house that hands out the awful candy? Plus, you get to judge all of the kids that come up to your door. It’s like your own personal costume contest.

5. Halloween Parties

halloween party

Image via blog.ecollegefinder.org

There’s no better way to put your own personal stamp on Halloween than to host a party. It can be themed and inspired by a horror movie, or can be geared more toward family-friendly fun. Either way, you’re in control of what the party looks like, who comes and what’s on your Halloween Party Playlist.

4. Scary Movies

scary movies

Image via The Daily Beast

Which one is your favorite? A Nightmare on Elm StreetFriday the 13thScreamHalloween? No matter which horror movie is the one you convince your friends to watch, the thrill of being a little scared to go to sleep at night is always something to look forward to around Halloween. Not much of a horror buff? We recommend Hocus Pocus to get you into the spooky spirit.

3. Face Paint

Iron Man

Image via disboards.com

Face paint is one of the easiest ways to be creative on Halloween, and it’s a necessity for some costumes, like WWE’s Ultimate Warrior. And, after all… Who wouldn’t want to be the Ultimate Warrior?

2. Costumes


Did you think that costumes were going to be the top-ranked reason you’re not too old for Halloween just because this article was posted by a company called Costume Discounters? Wrong. Costumes are awesome. They allow you to be someone other than yourself, even if it’s only for one day each year. There is, though, just one thing that’s WAY more important…

1. Candy

halloween candy

Image via happyhealthymama.com


So, whether you’re 13 or 30, make sure you enjoy Halloween 2015. There are plenty of reasons for you to get excited for the Fall tradition, and Costume Discounters is hoping that a few items on this list helped to remind you of that. Need a few last-minute costumes or decorations? Check out the Costume Discounters inventory for all of your Halloween needs.