Drink Me: Alice Through the Looking Glass Drink Labels [Printables]

One of the first problems Alice runs into in Wonderland is when she’s presented with a wafer that reads “Eat me” and a bottle that says “Drink me.”

You won’t have that same, issue, though, when you use Costume Discounters‘ custom Alice Through the Looking Glass printable beverage labels. With variations like March Hare Hops, Chesire Commons and our special Wonderlager, you’ll catch a buzz fit for a Red Queen.

Click on the images below for printable versions of each label, or use the codes to share with friends!


Exacetedly the Drink You Seek

Caterpillar Label

Chesire Common

Stand on Your Head

Chesire Cat Label

Mad Hatter’s Hard Tea

Don’t You Care for Tea?

Mad Hatter Label


March Hare Hops

Have a Very Merry Un-Birthday

March Hare Label

Red Queen’s Blonde Ale

Off with Its Head!

Red Queen Label

Click the image below to print out these great Alice Through the Looking Glass beverage labels and step your game up for your next Wonderland-themed birthday party!

Alice Drink Labels

If you’re looking to bring even more Alice to your gathering, fear not! Costume Discounters has a wide inventory of Wonderland Costumes that will have you looking like everyone from the Chesire Cat to the Mad Hatter!