Friday Fight: Planet of the Apes vs. King Kong

wilddddddIn this week’s edition of Friday Fight, we’re celebrating the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with a duel between said Apes and the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” King Kong.

The Apes, while their recent stats don’t stand out, have a storied history headlined by Hollywood names such as Charlton Heston, Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg. The franchise reboot, started in 2011 by James Franco, sparked a new age of Apes, or a “Rise,” if you will, that has rejuvenated the story based on a 1963 French Novel by Pierre Boulle.

King Kong holds the clear popularity advantage in this one, as he once terrorized The City That Never Sleeps by climbing the Empire State Building in New York. Throw in three movie adaptations, one Broadway play and two roller coasters in Universal theme parks, and you have the pride of Skull Island becoming a household name.

So who wins this week’s Friday Fight? Is it the Apes, who know their limits and never enter forbidden zones? Or is it King Kong, whose main weakness is his love for Ann Darow. After all, it was beauty that killed the Beast.

You decide!

UPDATED: Down goes KONG! A special thanks to Ni J for declaring The Apes the winners of this week’s Friday Fight!