Dressed for War: Captain America & Iron Man Paper Dolls [Printable]

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If you and your friends were about to go to Civil War, how would you dress?

While Costume Discounters CAN help you out, we know it’s unlikely that you’ll be battling your buds anytime soon… Not like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will be battling, anyway. So, maybe put a hold on how YOU will be dressing, and worry more about how your favorite heroes should appear.

With Captain America: Civil War slated to hit theaters later this month, we’re bringing you the leading Avengers from each side of the war with their classic looks – and some not so classic styles – so you can choose which apparel they’ll sport as they go head-to-head.

Click the images below for larger, printable versions.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Iron Man Paper Dolls

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Steve Rogers/Captain America

Captain America Paper Doll

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With these fun paper dolls, you can give Tony Stark his trademark iron suit, or switch it up with a stylish tux for a Los Angeles gala. Let Steve Rogers remind you of his patriotism with his superhero gear or military uniform, unless you think he looks better in some tourist-y clothes that might be spotted in Times Square.

Paper dolls aren’t the only thing that you can dress up this summer. Check out the wide varety of Marvel Comics costumes and accessories at Costume Discounters to make yourself as festive as can be!