Ferocious Feline: Q&A with Catwoman


There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

Selina Kyle is one of the most puzzling personalities in the Arkham Asylum. One minute, she’s aiding Batman in taking down his rivals and the next, she’s terrorizing him alongside her criminally-insane comrades with help from her cat-like reflexes.

She’s more vicious than The Joker. She’s more puzzling than The Riddler. She might even flip sides between good and bad more often than the man who earned the nickname Two-Face. What she isn’t, though, is tame. Everything she does is done with ferocity and conviction. She’s dangerous, that’s for sure. Now, Costume Discounters has imagined what it would be like to sit down with the woman often referred to as Catwoman.


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In your most-recent on-screen appearance (The Dark Knight Rises, 2011), you’re not referred to as Catwoman once. Is that a nickname you prefer to avoid?

What a purr-fectly appropriate first question. I wouldn’t say that I avoid being called Catwoman. I wouldn’t say that I avoid being called Selina, either. Refer to me by my traits that you remember most. If you see my more elegant side, feel free to call me Ms. Kyle in reverence. If I leave scratch marks on you, though… Well… You get the point.

Your audience has often times been confused as to which side – good or bad – you’re on. Can you clarify this for us? Are you a hero or a villain?

I often find myself battling with that conundrum, too. It’s really dependent on my environment. I, like most with feline-style, avoid confrontation. Most of my actions are pure reactions. If I’m left alone to do my bidding, I won’t be a bother to anybody.

And, when you say bidding, you mean stealing, right? You’re one of Gotham’s most wanted burglars.

HA! A girl’s got to eat!

Would you consider that to be one of the downfalls of being romantically-linked to a superhero? If Batman forgets to take out the garbage, you turn on him instantaneously?

What’s funnier? You assuming that the subject of your interview has a bipolar personality, or you assuming that Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy, takes out his own garbage?

Ms. Kyle, what does Bruce Wayne have to do with this? I mentioned Batman, not Way… Wait…

Next question.

Well, where do I go from there? Okay. Where does your association with cats begin and end? Do you drink milk as often as one might assume? Do you really have nine lives?

Fresh milk is always in my fridge, as it keeps my bones strong and my pets refreshed. As far as my lives are concerned, if I had to guess, I’ve probably used about six already.

So, what will you choose to do with your final three? Could I convince you to spare them… and the people of Gotham?

Meow. Cats come in when they feel like it; not when they’re told.

Selina Kyle

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