Celebrate Summer Solstice

June 20th is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. This is the day when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun and nightfall is late in the evening. After the 20th, the days will get shorter by about a minute or so each day until we reach the autumnal equinox, when day and night become even. That means that celebration is in order because after the 20th, summer, as quick as it begins, will be slowly coming to an end. Times ‘a tickin’ so let’s get the party started.

1. If you want to celebrate this day the way they did in ancient times you can have a bonfire. Ancient civilizations would build a giant bonfire to ward off evil spirits. So start the summer free from evil and make a bonfire part of your summer solstice party.

2. Next, be sure to have plenty of fresh cut flowers decorating your party. The ancients believed that flowers picked on the solstice contained healing properties.

3. Re-energize. Just like you make a New Year’s resolution in January, the summer solstice should be a time to reassess your goals. Most importantly, think positively and focus your energy on good. The earth will reward you.

4. Dance around the maypole. In many cultures, this is an essential part in celebrating the solstice. When your are having a party, it is quite entertaining too.

5. Worship the sun. Start your day at the beach or the lake. Take in the sun and its many healing and soothing properties. Frolic, enjoy your leisure and relax.

6. Get married. This day is believed to be a time of abundance and fertility. It is believed that couples that marry on this day will be blessed with a long, happy marriage.

The summer solstice leads to midsummer dreams and many happy days so enjoy the celebration.