Character and Costume Trivia

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Forget about Jeopardy, we have an even better game to play that involves the greatest category of all: characters and their costumes! We’ve come up with a super fun trivia game that includes nothing but questions about costumes and the characters that wear them. Since most of our most popular costumes deal with what’s new in popular culture, the questions are easy to guess the correct answers to. Everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trivia to questions about the hair color of a Disney princess are in this game, and the best part is, anyone can play it! Get two or more players and have a friend keep tally of who is winning. Add a cool prize that the winner will receive at the end to give this game an even more competitive edge. HINT: If you need a little hint, click on the link for each question.

1. What letter is stitched into headpiece of Marvel superhero Captain America?
A. C
B. P
C. A
D. Z

2. Which two colors are Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street?
A. Pink/Purple
B. Blue/Green
C. Red/Yellow
D. Yellow/Orange

3. Where did Scarlett O’Hara get the material to make her dress in Gone with the Wind?
A. The Sofa
B. The Curtains
C. A Thrift Store
D. She didn’t wear a dress

4. What color is Kitana’s outfit in the Mortal Kombat series?
A. Magenta
B. Royal Blue
C. Fuchsia
D. Green

5. Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character wears an orange mask?
A. Donatello
B. Raphael
C. Shredder
D. Michelangelo

6. What kind of animal is Winnie The Pooh‘s Eeyore?
A. A Rooster
B. A Bear
C. A Donkey
D. A Sheep

7. Which ghost from Pac Man is the color red?
A. Blinky
B. Inky
C. Pinky
D. Clyde

8. Who was Gumby’s best friend?
A. Okey
B. Dokey
C. Pokey
D. Smoky

9. How many lives is Catwoman from Batman said to have?
A. 9
B. 6
C. 13
D. Infinite Lives

10. Choose which personality trait the Lion from The Wizard of Oz displayed?
A. Anger
B. Ferocious
C. Silly
D. Cowardly

11. What type of powers does Elsa from Disney’s Frozen have control of?
A. Lightning
B. Ice
C. Water
D. Fire

12. Who is the leader of the Autobots from Transformers?
A. Bumblebee
B. Megatron
C. Starscream
D. Optimus Prime

13. Which Disney Princess is a natural red head?
A. Aurora
B. Cinderella
C. Ariel
D. Jasmine

14. How many Dragonballs do Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z characters have to collect in order to summon the wish-granting dragon?
A. 17
B. 10
C. 7
D. 5

15. Which Disney princess has a friend that is a genie?
A. Belle
B. Mulan
C. Pocahontas
D. Jasmine

As you can see from our trivia game, there are lots of options to choose from when you’re in need of a costume. While you and your friends and family are guessing the answers to these questions, you can also come up with ideas for what type of costume you want to get. Whether you want to go to the big Halloween bash as the scariest zombie creatures there is or if you need a sexy and mysterious Venetian mask to wear to an adult masquerade ball, we have just what you need. And here’s an idea for a prize to whomever gets the highest score on your group trivia game: The winner gets a costume from us that the losers have to pay for. It will be a win/win because the losers will score themselves a cool costume while their buying the winners’ victory ensemble.


1. C. A
2. D. Yellow/Orange
3. B. The Curtains
4. B. Royal Blue
5. D. Michelangelo
6. C. A Donkey
7. A. Blinky
8. C. Pokey
9. A. 9
10. D. Cowardly
11. B. Ice
12. D. Optimus Prime
13. C. Ariel
14. C. 7
15. D. Jasmine