Chinese New Year 2014: Career Horoscopes

Chinese Zodiac WheelMany of us rang in the New Year on January 1st, 2014, but keeping with the ancient traditions, the Chinese celebrate their New Year starting on January 31st, 2014.  We say starting because the Chinese New Year is a celebration that lasts 2 weeks!  Arguably, the biggest celebration takes place on their New Year’s Eve but each of the 15 days has a special meaning, rooted in tradition.

Starting on the Lunar New Year, each year has been assigned an animal.  Just like the astrological zodiac, the Chinese zodiac is comprised of 12 signs.  Depending on the year you were born, your animal sign represents how other perceive you or how you present yourself.

Part of the tradition involves cleansing yourself of the past and preparing yourself for a future, hopefully full of luck and good fortune.  With the Lunar year quickly coming to a close, here is what to expect in the workplace as we transition from Snake to Horse (even though 2013 felt like the year of the horse with all of these people in horse masks popping up).

Find your birth year on the chart to determine which animal you are!

Dog Horoscope Dog Horoscope 2014Dog:

For Dog people, 2014 is the perfect year to re-evaluate their professional circumstances.  If you’ve been looking to make a career move, it’s the perfect time.  Once you secure that new position, you will find yourself more enthusiastic.  It’s your year to shine!

Dragon Horoscope Dragon Horoscope 2014Dragon:

You might feel stuck in a rut due to the stable but static nature at work.  Don’t be afraid to voice your frustrations.  Communication and understanding are key channels to utilize this year in order to be more successful and less stressed out.

Goat Horoscope Goat Horoscope 2014Sheep:

It’s going to be a very positive and lucky year for you.  At work, new opportunities are coming your way.  You will be proud of the work you do and the people around you will notice.  Don’t get lazy, though.  Keep setting targets and goals to keep the good fortune going.

Horse Horoscope Horse Horoscope 2014Horse:

Put your multi-tasking skills to good use and you will find success this year.  Don’t be afraid of new ventures but proceed with caution because Horse people are known to get a little clumsy when working under pressure.

Monkey Horoscope Monkey Horoscope 2014Monkey:

Don’t get distracted in the workplace by people you see as more successful to you or be swayed by quick fixes.  These distractions aren’t as stable as they may seem.  The only way for Monkey people to prosper this year is through persistence, hard work and effort.

Ox Horoscope Ox Horoscope 2014Ox:

The workplace may become unstable around you but don’t let that distract from your natural hard-working nature.  As long as you stay confident in your abilities and don’t stir up any trouble by gossiping about or provoking coworkers, Ox people will see improvement.

Pig Horoscope Pig Horoscope 2014Pig:

If we’re voting on Most Likely To Be Successful in 2014, the Pig people would win.  When approaching any kind of business ventures this year, make sure to keep busy and avoid quick fixes.  As those around you start to crash and burn, your hard work will earn all of the achievements and successes you deserve.

Rabbit Horoscope Rabbit Horoscope 2014Rabbit:

It’s the Rabbit people’s year to go with the flow.  The workplace will be hectic and it’ll be best not to resist any changes coming your way.  Make sure to find a healthy balance between your own personal needs this year and the needs of others.  Do so and you’ll find yourself in a stable work environment for 2014.

RatHoroscope Rat Horoscope 2014Rat:

Rat people are going to be faced with a lot of workplace challenges in 2014.  It’s important to make your decisions and stick with them.  Due to your natural ability to identify and analyze complex situations, as long as you keep moving forward, the new year will be over before you know it.

Rooster Horoscope Rooster Horoscope 2014Rooster:

It’s going to be an important year to move forward for Rooster people.  Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t hark on the past.  Get ready be faced with change and make sure to embrace it.  Most of the radical changes are going to be outside your control so your fortunes will be dependent on how well you accept them and move on.

Snake Horoscope Snake Horoscope 2014Snake:

You will find yourself in stable standing in the workplace despite the coming and going of your coworkers.  You may even feel a bit trapped by the mundane tasks of it all but with the newcomers will bring a brighter year.  Embrace all changes positively and you will be the one people turn to for your wisdom and guidance.

Tiger Horoscope Tiger Horoscope 2014Tiger:

It’s going to be a prosperous year for the Tiger people.  Changes are coming and you should approach them with confidence.  There is no reason to be fearful or suspicious of these changes and you will find that your insecurities are pointless.  Prepare yourself for new and exciting opportunities that are coming to you in 2014.

No matter what your animal sign is, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!