Collect Your Costume: Collector’s Edition Looks for Halloween 2015

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When dressing for Halloween, the last thing you want to do is blend in to the rest of the crowd. You want to make sure everybody knows there isn’t a bigger Batman obsession than yours, or that nobody loves Star Wars more than you do.

That’s why Costume Discounters is proud to offer a wide variety of Collector’s and Supreme Edition Costumes. With these get-ups, you’ll look like you really are bringing justice to Gotham or protecting Lord Vader. Don’t let Halloween pass you by without becoming the talk of your party with one of these high-end outfits.

Batman Costumes

Batman Collectors Costumes

Collector’s Edition Dark Knight Costume – Click Here | Collector’s Edition Batgirl Costume – Click Here |
Collector’s Edition Robin Costume – Click Here | Collector’s Edition Batman Costume – Click Here

Whether you prefer the classic Caped Crusader or the newer Dark Knight, Costume Discounters can help you be Gotham’s Guardian or either of his sidekicks. Don the cape and cowl and make Alfred Pennyworth proud when you take down Arkham’s most infamous inmates.

Disney Princess Costumes

Disney Princess Costumes

Deluxe Cinderella Ball Gown – Click Here | Deluxe Belle Ball Gown- Click Here

Recreate two of Disney’s timeless tales when you dress to the nines, exactly how Cinderella and Belle would have. People might ask what you’re doing outside of the castle walls when you’re ballroom dancing in either of these gorgeous gowns.

Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Collectors Costumes

Collector’s Edition Darth Vader Costume – Click Here | Supreme Storm Trooper Costume – Click Here |
Supreme Edition Boba Fett Costume – Click Here | Collector’s Edition Chewbacca Costume – Click Here

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Force to satisfy your darkest desires or to prevent those who take an evil approach from galactic domination. Costume Discounters has supreme edition costumes to help you portray all of your favorite Star Wars characters.

Cartoon Character Costumes

Cartoon Characters

Supreme Edition Sylvester Mascot Costume – Click Here | Supreme Edition Daffy Duck Mascot Costume – Click Here |
Supreme Edition Bugs Bunny Mascot Costume – Click Here | Yogi Bear Mascot Costume – Click Here

Sufferin’ succotash! Look at these costumes! You’ll appear as though you’re a member of everybody’s favorite slapstick comedy team when you wear one of these Supreme Edition Looney Tunes Mascot Costumes. If you’re more into stealing pic-a-nic baskets, though, you might want to slip into something a little more appropriate for Jellystone National Park – The Yogi Bear Mascot Costume.

Other Options!

Collectors Costumes

KISS Costumes – Click Here | Theatrical Quality Jack Sparrow Costume – Click Here | Collector’s Elvis Costume – Click Here |
Collector’s Edition Superman Costume – Click Here

If you want to Rock and Roll All Night, Costume Discounters can help! If you’re trying to save the Black Pearl, Costume Discounters has the perfect look! Whether you’re checking into the Heartbreak Hotel or clocking in to your shift at the Daily Planet, Costume Discounters knows exactly what you need! With this large assortment of collector’s edition costumes, you won’t have to look anywhere else to get what you need!