Commemorate King Tut Day


When you’re looking for a reason to take the day off this November and extend you costume wearing just a bit longer, look no further than King Tut Day on November 4th! It has all the excitement that can be found on any archeology buffs favorite day! This fantastic day in history was possible thanks to Howard Carter! Thanks to this famous archeologist we discovered the Tomb of the Boy King. Carter led an exciting expedition and found Tut’s Tomb on November 4th in 1922. After cracking open the tomb he ushered in an era of unprecedented Egyptian exploration, so all the better to take the day off and appreciate it for all its worth!

King Tut Costumes for Men

Use the time off and brush up on your history a bit! Wear a King Tut costume for class, or surprise your friends with plenty of Egyptian themed activities! We’ve got a medley of styles and getups that are perfect for a celebratory Egyptian occasion. Plenty of chic and garish styles that will have you channeling your inner Pharaoh. Our costumes will give you flair and fashion that will have all of Egypt in envy. There’s an array of designs for children and adults so you can make the day about fun or education! We’ve got exceptional designs that include full costumes for adventurers as well! While this day may be for the history buffs, it’s equally for the adventurers as well! There’s plenty of costumes that can be used to emulate some of your favorite explorers! There’s nothing better than throwing a casual party, and there’s no affair quite like a royal gala!

There’s a medley of exciting activities that you can do during your Tut Day. With plenty of exciting dance moves and comedy based off of the Egyptians you can have a profoundly fun day reliving fantastic memories with the Bengals! They’ll teach you to walk like an Egyptian and make history a blast at your big day off. Have some karaoke with classic SNL skits from Steve Martin and make your day off with Tut a blast. King Tut day is the perfect excuse to let loose and have a blast, there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate like the Boy King never could! Tut Day also happens to fall on election day, so in between partying with your costumes and karaoke be sure to Vote Tut!