Joining the Trenchcoat Brigade: Clothes You’ll Need for Every Cosplay

Soo…maybe some costumes don’t have the most original designs out there. That actually works to your benefit! When so many accessories are shared between outfits, you can save a lot of money by recycling them for different looks. Here are some of the most frequently used pieces:


Tops: Black or white button-down shirt; black turtleneck; black, gray, or white short-sleeved shirt; black, white, or gray tank top; black or white tube top.

Bottoms: Black, white, brown, pink, and red tights; brown, blue, or black pleated skirts; khakis; slim-fit jeans; booty-shorts; black leather pants; black or white dress pants; black, white, beige, or camo cargo pants; black high-waisted pencil skirt.

Jackets: Brown or black trench coat; leather jacket; brown duster; a black or white sports jacket; black or gray sweatshirt; a white doctor’s coat.

Underthings: Black or white knee-highs; black, white, pink, red, or nude thigh-high stockings; white petticoat; white socks; white briefs; black, white, or red garter belt; sheer dancer stockings; fishnet stockings.

Swimwear: White, black, red, and blue bikini; black, blue, and red one piece; flower-print red shorts; red Speedo.

Full-body: School uniform in black and white or blue and white; wet-look catsuit; a black or white suit; a tuxedo; a gi; a maid uniform; dark blue or black yukata; jean overalls; white robe.

Hats: Black, white, and brown fedora; cowboy hat; rickshaw hat; general’s cap; sun hat; black beret.

Shoes: Black, white, or red pumps; red or yellow thigh-high rain boots; black boots; black or white high-heeled knee-high boots; black, brown, or camo combat boots; white sneakers; white tennis shoes; black or brown dress shoes; brown gladiator shoes; brown riding shoes.

Accessories: Black sunglasses; black or brown leather gloves; brown or yellow messenger bag; black, white, or red choker; satin strips; black, white, red, or yellow scarf; gold hoop earrings; false stud and hoop piercings; press-on nails; black or red bowtie; black or brown belt.

Weapons (All Blades and Firearms Must be FAKE!) Black or brown holsters (thigh and hip); lasso; pistol; double-barrelled shotgun; lumberjack axe; longsword; katana; boxing gloves; chains; ropes; handcuffs; bat; wooden bow and arrow.

Creature: Black or white angel wings; black or red devil wings; cat or fox ears in gray, black, brown, blonde, or red; fluffy gray, black, brown, blonde, or red tail; vampire teeth; black collar with bell; gold or black horns; devil tail.

Random: Fake cigarettes; canteen; drawstring satchel; leather pouch; medical tape.

Wigs: Long black, blonde, red, blue, purple, pink, and white wig; short black or brown wig; long black or blonde ringlet wig.

Don’t forget the uniforms! Several franchises spotlight members of forces, groups, or organizations that wear uniforms (Kingdom Hearts, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon…). Where them with the right wig and accessories and you can be any one of its members.