Friday Fight: Captain Hook vs. Captain Jack Sparrow


This week’s Friday Fight wouldn’t even be a fight if the team at Costume Discounters heeded the advice of one its participants. In spite of Captain Jack Sparrow‘s famous “Why fight when you can negotiate?” attitude, we’re pitting him against another famous Disney Captain – Captain James Hook.

Let’s start with Sparrow, considering he, unlike Hook, is actually a product of Disney creativity. Captain Jack Sparrow, born as a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, has since been portrayed in various types of media, including movies, shows, books, video games, and amusement park attractions, is, has always been, and, in all liklihood, will forever be portrayed with actor Johnny Depp in mind. Depp has taken Sparrow, who he claims he created with inspiration from rocker Keith Richards and Looney Tune Pepe Le Pew.

Sparrow is haunted by his blood debt to rival Davy Jones, but between help receieved from his first mate Barbosa, his never-ending love triangle with Elizabeth Swann and an excess of rum, his enemies always end up remembering the day they almost caught the Captain.

Now, to Hook. The archenemy of Peter Pan, especially his Disney interpretation, is different from Sparrow in almost every imaginable way. Originally modeled after what a Spanish King would look like at sea, Hook was thought up as one of Disney’s darker villains, and his image was changed late in production of the animated feature out of the fear that he would scare children. The newer, more cartoon-y Hook was described as “a fop… Yet very mean, to the point of being murderous. This combination of traits should cause plenty of amusement whenever he talks or acts.”

While Hook doesn’t have the brains of Barbosa at his side, he does have the reliable Mr. Smee. Smee is always ready and willing to summon the troops at the mere mention of Peter Pan or the dreaded crocodile that infamously took Hook’s hand.

So, Internet – Who wins? Does Jack Sparrow escape once again, or does Captain Hook carve a tally into his win column? You decide!

Updated: No winner this week! We have one vote for Hook, and one for Captain Jack! Don’t let any more ties happen! Keep the votes coming so we have clear-cut winners!