Poor, Unfortunate Homes: Imagining Castles for Disney Villains

With the return of the Red Queen in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, Costume Discounters figured that there was no better time to imagine the pads for a few other baddies.

Whether it’s the Mistress of All Evil, the infamous Sea Witch or the hunkiest stud in that poor, provincial town, Disney has excelled in giving audiences characters that everybody loves to hate. In turn, somebody had to take those same scoundrels and give them extravagant homes. Take a look at our latest downloadable poster, and use the embed code below if you wish to share with friends!

Disney Villains Castles

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So, before you get your hopes too high, it’s unlikely that somebody can design one of these humble homes for you. What Costume Discounters can do, though, is dress you so that you’re fit to reside in one! Check out the inventory of Disney Villains Costumes, and you’ll never look like a poor, unfortunate soul.