Disney World Doesn’t Like Look-Alikes

Not too long ago I remember seeing a story about a teenage girl that was asked to leave the Magic Kingdom because her Tinkerbell costume was so amazing that Disney was afraid she would be mistaken for a park employee. This poor girl was asked to change or leave which was very upsetting because she spent a lot of time and money putting the costume together.

Yet again, a similar thing happened to a man who just happens to resemble Santa Claus. He has white hair and a white beard but he was at the park with his family, had no intention of impersonating old St. Nick and was not wearing a Santa Suit of any kind. Even so, children did think that he was Santa on vacation and ask to have their picture taken with him. Disney official’s didn’t like that.

When it comes to kids wearing Disney costumes to their theme parks, they are all for it. However, adults who want to get in on the costumed fun will have a much harder time since Disney has rules about grown-ups wearing adult Disney costumes (and apparently any costumes) to their theme parks. Disney considers it disruptive to their guests and confusing to the children. What do you think?

Could it be that Disney is afraid that adults might come to the park dressed like Mickey Mouse and attempt to charge for photos and autographs? I suppose some people might try that. Shame on you if you are one of them. The thing that bothers me is that even though costume companies sell officially licensed Disney costumes, most cannot compare to the professional quality of the costumes worn by park employees. Professional costumes are made by hand, one at a time with pain-staking detail by theatrical wardrobe professionals employes by Disney. Store bought Disney costumes are licensed and massed produced by costume companies and although they are great for Halloween, they are clearly different from what is worn by the character actors at Walt Disney World.

What is your opinion? Do you think that adults should be allowed to wear costumes at Disney World? Do you think you should be asked to leave or change if you happen to have a white beard like Santa? What is you had incredibly long blonde hair – would people think you are Rapunzel? Tell us your thoughts by commenting on our blog.