Do You Know Your Horror Villains?

Attention all horror movie buffs! How well do you think you know your villains? We challenge you to test your knowledge with our new infographic. See if you can answer these 8 questions. Get them all right and you can consider yourself an expert.  If you need to cheat, watch the montage of horror movie trailers below. To see how you scored, look at the answer key in each section and then check out how you rank at the bottom of the page.

Do You Know Your Horror Villains Match Game

You are welcome to use this image but please use the code below:

So are you a horror villain aficionado or just a casual scary movie fan?

  • 7-8 correct: You are an Villain! You know your horror just a well as any slasher or ax murderer.
  • 5-6 correct: You are a Survivor. You have seen the horror and can live to tell about it but some of the details are a bit foggy.
  • 3-4 Correct: You are a Victim: The villains have gotten the best of you. You’re a goner!
  • 1-2 Correct: You are an Extra. Your participation doesn’t even count.
  • None Correct: Get your head out from under the blankets and actually watch the movie!

Be sure to spread the horror and share our infographic. Be on the lookout for more infographics from Costume Discounters coming soon.