Are you tired of the same goody-two shoes alien-turned-superhero? Have you had enough of the half-whispering, half-yelling grown man in a bat costume? If so, DC Comics is about to answer your prayers. In 2016, Diana Prince (You might know her as Wonder Woman) will appear on the silver screen once again, this time, alongside her Justice League bandmates.

Costume Discounters wants to make sure you’re prepared for her arrival, and the graphic below shows you everything a powerless civilian needs to know about these crime-fighting uniforms. It starts with her Sensation Comics debut in 1941 and works its way to 2017, when actress Gal Gadot will portray Wonder Woman, the first female superhero with her own standalone film.

Evolution of Wonder Woman

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So, do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below. We’re also wondering how many of you will pick up a Wonder Woman costume or two to celebrate the release of Dawn of Justice in May 2016. We recommend leaving the sword and invisible jet at home.