Fairy Festivals Create a World of Enchantment

Fairy Festivals create a world of enchantment for people who believe in the power of spirit. Fairies – these mystical little beings – are portrayed as whimsical and mystical as well as mischievous and vindictive. Everyone can identify with these personality traits at one time or another. Enjoying a fairy festival however, comes down to letting your hair down and giving in-to fantasy. You don’t want to go to a fairy festival looking like a human so a fairy costume is a must.

The next fairy festival is happening now in New York. The NY Faerie Festival takes place from June 27 – 29 in Harpursville. Their website lets you know that:

“Elfin & Sylvan Folk, Wood Sprites & Faerie Folk, and All you Humans who still Believe in Magic…
Join Us in the Rolling Hills and Hollows of Rural New York for Central New York’s Faerie Festival!
A time of Escape from ordinary Reality… into Magical Play!”

To view a complete list of registered Faerie Gatherings in your area check out the festival page on Faerie Magazine.