Farewell to our Favorite Monkee Davy Jones

Long before Bruno Mars’s band donned monkey masks, the world had a different version of adorable band members who loved to monkey around – The Monkees. Today we lost the best of them with the passing of Davy Jones at the age of 66.

The Monkees premiered in 1966 and NBC answer to the British Invasion. It appealed to young female Beatle fans. Having a Brit like Davy as the star added to the appeal. At first the band, including Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and Michael Nesmith were chosen more for their looks than their musical ability. NBC planned to have them lip sync to a studio band but all member proved their musical ability and it yielded hit like Daydream Believer, Last Train to Clarksville and I’m a Believer. When I was a kid I loved everything from the 60’s and 70s from the music to the clothes to the TV Shows so The Monkees was one of my favorite shows.

And my favorite episode of the Brady Bunch is the one in which Davy Jones appeared.

Davy was their front man. Although small in stature, his was big on popularity and widely regarded as the favorite Monkee. He was also the only band member to maintain a musical career, capitalizing on small concerts and special appearances where he would sing their nostalgic hits. Even in his 60s, Jones has a youthful exuberance and a cherubic face that is adored by everyone.

For the younger generation that has never seen an episode of The Monkess, you can get a sense of the show by watching Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, which is clearly copying The Monkees. As someone who used to rush home from elementary school to what the reruns on TV, I can attest that nothing compares to The Monkees.

I will miss you Davy Jones and millions of others will too.