What Your Child’s Favorite Halloween Movie Says About Them

As with most holidays, traditions around Halloween are essential. Whether you carve your pumpkins as a family every year, trade your favorite candy with friends or gather everybody around the TV for a scary movie on a windy night, it’s always fun to make a Halloween memory.

Having a group decide on a movie is never an easy feat though, as you’ll always have somebody who wants to watch what they want to watch. Here’s a list of potential favorites for your children, and exactly what their pick says about them.



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If your child likes Casper, your child respects the classics. Back in the day, nothing said “Halloween” quite like a ghost did, and Casper was a household name. With impressive computer-generated animation on Casper and his three uncles, this 1995 release was way ahead of its time. Your kids are ahead of their time, too, as it didn’t take them long at all to realize a good movie when they see one.



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Halloweentown is the essential Halloween movie for children who tend to resist their parents’ rules a little bit. Like Marnie and Gwen, you might go head-to-head with your kids from time to time. Unless they have a witch for a grandmother, there’s no promises that things will get better.

Hocus Pocus

hocus pocus

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There are positives and negatives to your child’s favorite Halloween picture being Hocus Pocus. The obvious plus is that it means you get to watch the Sanderson sister wreak havoc all over Salem. The downside, though? Your child might be a little bit of a follower. A lot of people love Hocus Pocus because a lot of other people love Hocus Pocus. When it comes to October movies, this one is as basic as Ugg boots and pumpkin spice lattes.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

great pumpkin

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With holiday specials for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Election Day, too, it only makes sense that the Peanuts gang has an animated classic on Halloween. If this is the pick for your kids, it’s likely that they’re a little bit old school. They probably make eye contact when speaking, hold doors open for other people and always say “please” and “thank you.” You can attribute that to being good parents, but make sure you thank Charlie Brown anyway… just in case.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

jack skellington

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There’s only one group of people who favor The Nightmare Before Christmas over other Halloween movies: confused people. Is it Halloween on Christmas? Is it Christmas on Halloween? It’s apparent that your children don’t know what they want out of life, and maybe it’s time to sit them down for a long talk about how the important things in life, like keeping their money in a safe place, their hands to themselves and their holidays separate.

Monster House


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When Monster House is your child’s favorite Halloween movie, it’s obvious that he or she lives for adventure. After all, what’s more adventurous than exploring a house that is alive and eats people? Here’s hoping that your children come out of their explorations unscathed, just like DJ and Chowder did.

Trick ‘R Treat

trick r treat

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If you’re the parents of a child bragging about how much they love Trick ‘R Treat, you should probably lock your bedroom door while you sleep tonight.

No matter what your child’s favorite spooky  flick is, be sure to give him or her an October to remember. With an array of boys costumes and girls costumes at Costume Discounters, it’ll be easy to satisfy every member of your family this Halloween.