Five Ways to be a Hippie for Under $50

Every Halloween, hippies are one of the most popular costumes. It’s a great go-to, but even though the hippie lifestyle is one of low prices, the costumes often don’t reflect that. But don’t worry, you can tooootally be a hippie this year without hurting your beaded and fringed wallet.

Costume Discounters has five easy and affordable ways for you to get your groove on and become a peace-loving hippie this Halloween. All five options are $50 or less! That’s farrrrr ouuutttt, man!

$10 Hippie Costume

Be a Hippie for $10

For only $10 you can get super groovy this Halloween! Toss on your tinted shades and a peace necklace, and get out there to spread the love, man!

Necklace – shop now! | Sunglasses – shop now!

Toss on your necklace and put on your sweet shades, you’re ready to get groovy with this ensemble!

$20 Hippie Costume

Be a Hippie for $20

For only $20, you’re set to look out of this world! Beads, a peace symbol headband, and a long haired wig are the only things that separate you from this hippie look!

Beads – shop now! | Headband – shop now! | Braided wig – shop now!

This costume set is sure to transport you right back to the ’60s with some sweet beads and a headband!

$30 Hippie Costume

Be a Hippie for $30

If you’re trying to save, but still be a hippie, the $30 option is perfect. Just some glasses, a wig and headband, and a few groovy tattoos, and you’re good to go!

Hippie wig – shop now! | Sunglasses – shop now!
Necklace – shop now! | Hippie tattoos – shop now!

Slap on some tattoos and you’re ready to go spread the peace far and wide, hippy style!

$40 Hippie Costume

hippieBe a Hippie for $

For $40, you’re ready to get totally far out, maaaaaannnn! All you need are a pair of moccassins, a groovy handbag for your things, some sunglasses and a headband, and a tambourine to make some sweet jams!

Handbag – shop now! | Moccasins – shop now! | Hippie kit – shop now!
Tambourine – shop now! | Hippie tattoos – shop now!

Slip into your moccasins and bang on that tambourine, you’re ready to make some sweet jams, ’60s style!

$50 Hippie Costume

Be a Hippie for $50

If you’ve got some extra scratch, lay off the grass and get this $50 option! This complete look gives you a vest, a handbag. a groovy tambourine, some peace and love buttons, and of course, the best tinted shades that you’ll find this decade!

Vest – shop now! | Handbag – shop now! | Tambourine – shop now!
Buttons – shop now! | Sunglasses – shop now! | Necklace – shop now!

This ensemble is a far out, full blown hippie look, ready to get you into a peace-loving, flower-growing mood!

If you’re looking to add a little more groove or mojo to your hippie costume, make sure to check out all the accessories that Costume Discounters has to offer!